Top 3 League of Legends Bookmakers for Fun Betting

Top 3 League of Legends Bookmakers for Fun Betting

Suvi May 8, 2020

Top 3 League of Legends Bookmakers

League of Legends betting has had an amazing rise after eSports betting became possible. Multiple events are being held every year and prove this. League of Legends is a popular game, so there’s no surprise you can now place bets on big tournaments such as the League of Legends World Championships, which has millions of viewers. Also, wagering is one way to win some cash and possibly connect with the community much easier. 

When it comes to betting, there’s no shortage of LoL bookmakers where you can get the excitement that comes with gambling. Still, when it comes to how to do it, you may not always be successful in your attempts of finding a trustworthy site. Askbettors has collected information about some of the top ones, which you will find below. 

League of Legends Bets – What Are Some Top Sites?

You’ll find a lot of offers when you look up gambling sites, but here are some of the top ones to take into consideration:


One of the many options of betting on Bet365 is League of Legends. The platform offers live betting options, making you able to bet while watching unfolding tournaments. You’ll be able to bet on big tournaments such as LDL competitions and EU masters. Not to mention, you’ll have odds to help you out as well. 


Although not as popular compared to other big bookmakers, Bovada is one of the LoL betting platforms that offer special odds. You can use Bitcoin for withdrawal and deposit, as well as other methods such as Visa & MasterCard and Bank Transfer. Also, the customer support is reachable and helpful. 


You should try out GG.BET for multiple reasons. First of all, the bookie will cover most major events and tournaments you could think of, to make sure you can make many League of Legends bets. Secondly, odds will be available in decimal format to make it easier for you to calculate. It is also quite an easy platform to understand and get used to, and it comes with a mobile version as well. 

League of Legends Tournaments

League of Legends has quite a few tournaments that you can make bets for. 

One such event is the League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational, there 14 teams participate every spring. Teams are chosen from all over the world, meaning you can place a League of Legends bet very easily, as there are so many options.

Another big event is the League of Legends World Championship, probably the most popular one in the industry. It happens every year and takes place for 7 weeks. Therefore, bet LoL websites will surely give you options to wager since so many teams are participating in the event. 

Final Thoughts

Having difficulty when choosing betting sites is normal, but it’s not without a solution. As you can see, we listed some of the top sites here, and one of them must have grabbed your attention already. Hopefully, it will be just what you wanted.

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