Soccer Betting – Choosing Your Go-To Website for Gambling

Soccer Betting – Choosing Your Go-To Website for Gambling

Suvi June 11, 2020

Football is known all over the world and played all over the world. You have national teams battling to win tournaments, as well as football players trying to make their way to the top. As such, soccer betting has gotten a boost, and therefore more people are now seeking bookmakers with the purpose of gambling on this sport. 

If you want the same thing, this article will help you choose the online bookie with the best soccer betting lines. 

What Types of Soccer Bets Can You Get on Online Bookies?

With soccer, you have plenty of options available regarding the types of wagers you can place. All of them work differently, so it’s important to understand what some of them involve. On soccer betting sites, you can place bets such as: 


These wagers are very common, and probably the ones you hear about the most. You have to pick a team you think is going to win the match. Out of the two teams, there will be a favorite and an underdog. If you select the underdog, you may be paid more because of the risk. 

Live Betting

Live betting is entertaining because you get to bet while watching the match. Most of the best websites have a live streaming option to make this possible. The options you have are in a big number. You can even bet on whether a specific player will mess up and receive a penalty.


Totals are the same in soccer as they are in other popular sports. Although it all depends on the match, it’s a general rule that 2.0 goals represent the average total in football. During the soccer bet, you’ll have the oddsmaker choosing a number, and you have to decide if the total score of both teams will go above or below it. 

Good Bookmakers for Football Bets

If you want to check some options, here are some high-quality bookies for soccer bets to try out: 


This site is a good option for soccer lovers as it offers you the option to quickly cash in on your bets. It has an app for Android and iPhone users too, allowing you to wager no matter where you are. You’ll have a free bonus too, while you’ll also have many types of bets available. 


BetOnline is so loved thanks to its early payouts and amazing lines. You have amazing odds, and not to mention, the welcome bonus is enough to convince you to stick around. It’s one of the most loved betting sites. 


BetFair makes such a great ally in betting thanks to the information it provides for its users. It is a bookie with a lot of experience, having been launched more than a decade ago. Besides the great odds and betting options, it also has an active forum full of gambling loving people just like you. 

Final Thoughts

Bet soccer sites are easy to find, but it’s hard to know which is the most convenient and trusted one, and what types of soccer bets are available. Luckily, Askbettors got your back, so the information in this article must have given you an insight.

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