5 Things We Rank Bookmakers After

All bookmakers are different. Although they are all meant to provide you with the same thing, respectively a platform to bet on, every online bookie is unique in its own way. Betting is something that you need to take seriously, meaning you can’t go with any sportsbook you stumble upon on the internet. Therefore, our goal with this post is to tell you what we take into consideration when building a sportsbook review. So, read and find out how we help you find the best bookie:

Gambling Bookie Site Design

When you first access a site, the first thing you notice is the design. By design, we don’t mean that we take a look at the artwork. Sure, it’s a good way to make the site look pretty, but what ultimately matters are bets. When you enter a sportsbook, your first thought is about how to gain faster access to the site’s features, not how accurately the artist depicted a drawing that was used for design purposes. 

Therefore, when analyzing a sportsbook, we always look at the features of the site, and how they can help make your betting experience better. If you’d have a hard time finding the features, then it will certainly negatively affect the rating. 

Website Performance

Another thing that aids your experience on a gambling bookie is the site’s performance. If it takes ages until your page loads and you’re able to see your betting option, then your enjoyment will drastically decrease. So, we’ll analyze this aspect and rank a site based on it too. What’s important from a performance point of view is that the site is accurate, fast and reliable.


You can’t really trust a website if it’s not secure, that’s for sure. At Askbettors, we take this very seriously, hence why we give a lower rating for sites with security problems. Safe bookmakers online always have a big number of positive reviews, experience in the industry, as well as a bookmakers’ license. 


We can’t forget about the features now, can we? These bookies often try their best to incorporate various features into their website, apart from betting. This is to attract more customers and make sure that people will choose to stick around. Some of the features may include games where you can win betting benefits, as well as a streaming feature to let you bet live, scoreboards, and many others. We rank based on these as well. 


The demand for betting options has been growing over time, and betting has become available for multiple sports, not to mention eSports too. All bookmakers want to attract as many people as possible, so they always make sure to add more options when it comes to what you can bet on. They add a larger variety of sports, matches, games, and so on. 

But of course, we don’t only rank for the quantity, as any site can drop as many sports that they can think of and call it a day. Quality is important too, so you can rest assured we won’t overlook this. 

Final Thoughts

We always ensure to build our betting site reviews as carefully as possible and make sure we don’t overlook any aspect. Since our mission is to give you an amazing experience, we want you to only use the top bookmakers. You were now able to see how we review our bookmakers.